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Episode 6 – Surprise Acid Pit Workshops

In this episode we discuss the RPG Writers Workshop and begin to explain our experiences with it. Then we right turn straight into doing a surprise round in 5e and how no one does them right. Then another right turn straight into an acid… Continue Reading “Episode 6 – Surprise Acid Pit Workshops”

Episode 5 – Alignment

Alignment has always been a hotly contested point in Dungeons and Dragons. Some people think that it is pointless beyond a few spells or items. Some just have an idea of what each alignment means and plays that. Some just avoid it all and… Continue Reading “Episode 5 – Alignment”

Episode 4 – Types of Players

Rules Lawyers. Power gamers. RPGers. Wargamers. Every type of player is different. Every DM is different. A part of finding a group is to understand what kind of player or DM you are and then communicating that to your group. Open communication is essential… Continue Reading “Episode 4 – Types of Players”

Episode 3 – HobTown

Creating homebrew or custom content for your tabletop game is a staple of a DM’s skillset. DMs can spend decades creating a unique world for their players. But sometimes it’s not enough. For example: DM: On your way to the next major town you… Continue Reading “Episode 3 – HobTown”

Episode 2 – Magic Items

Magic Items. Everyone loves magic items. Big ones, small ones, ones that raise the dead. They are all great, but do you know how much work goes into making them? Sure you can just slap +1 attack and damage onto a sword, but that’s… Continue Reading “Episode 2 – Magic Items”

First Episode

Posting this more to have a first episode while we get things up and running. Listen to it. Enjoy it. If you don’t you get disadvantage on your next charisma check.