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Grumpy Guest – Bruce 2: The Brucening

Grumpy Guest – Bruce 2: The Brucening! Our friend returns for another round where the guys talk traps, XP, and a monster that steals boots.

Episode 57 – Dungeons and Manga

Episode 57 – After dragging GDM Jay back to work the guys talk about amazing board games and manga that are DnD related. So many great ideas to steal!

Episode 56 – The Chris Episode Spectacular

Episode 56 of Grumpy Dungeon Masters! Jay is missing! So the Chris’s take over and try to cobble something together. Ever seen a train wreck happen in real time? Well behold!

Episode 55 – Christophers First Edition Bound!

Episode 55 – The guys talk 6th edition, old school DnD, and how to run a festival! All this plus puppies!

Episode 54 – Resurrection and You: A DMs Guide

Episode 54 GDM Christopher tells the tale of PC deaths that were reverted in one way or another. And what is better a Kobold or a Warforged?

Episode 53- Time to Nerf Dungeons and Dragons

Episode 53 of the Grumpy Dungeon Masters sees GDM Christopher decided to leave DnD again. Who’d imagine he would change his mind and then change it again….to only change it again? He’s not going to have a mind left soon! Enjoy!

Episode 52- Welcome to the Pixie Brigade

Episode 52 of the Grumpy Dungeon Masters the guys find intriguing ways to make Pixies dangerous. Let’s just say it’s not a difficult task.

Episode 51- What’s a Monster Without Some Class?

Episode 51- The GDM guys decide to take the listeners to school and teach them about building better monsters and classes. Don’t forget your homework!

Episode 50 – Gnoll Mercy!!

Episode 50 of Grumpy Dungeon Masters is a look at the nostalgia surrounding things fans love. Also giant trees and gnoll war parties instead of raves.

Episode 49 – Fizbang’s Glorious Nerd Adventure!

Episode 49 of Grumpy Dungeon Masters the guys chat about Dragons and Nerds, two of everybody’s favorite things. There might have even been a rant or two.