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Episode 131 – Jump the Bulette

Who wins in a fight between an F-35 Jet and an Ancient Red Dragon? If you don’t want to do the research yourself you can just listen to the podcast. Also D&D merchandising is out of hand!

Episode 130 – One Part Hurricane, Two Parts Firestorm, and Mix!

Natural disasters aren’t often a part of D&D, but the Grumpy Dungeon Masters will find a way. Also some talk of Warhammer 40k Rogue Trader and GDM Christopher finally finds the 5E lore books he’s always wanted.

Episode 129 – Presto And The Gangs Adventures In The Maze

Honor among Thieves is starting to shape up and the guys are excited to see it. Also a massive collection falls into GDM Jays lap and he has to decide what to do next.

Episode 128 – How Much Is Your Soul Worth?

Paizo on the use of AI, Dark Souls the TTRPG, and en episode of Keys from the Golden Vault going in the wrong direction. The guys had a lot to talk about this week.

Episode 127 – Furniture Parkour and other advanced tactics for your next D&D game

GDM Jay and GDM ChatGPT talk about the 6th edition playtest Druid and Paladin. Also a better magic system and more rules on the way for D&D.

Episode 126 – Chat GPT is Taking Our Jorbs!

The guys talk about the end of their futures as game writers thanks to ChatGPT. Also GDM Jay discusses his 2nd edition game, talk of speak with dead, and some Drizzt talk.

Grumpy Guest Returns – Dungeon Lord Jay

The Dungeon Lord Jay returns to catch up with the GDM guys. Rants about Frostmaiden, horror tales of new players or bad players, more GDM trivia, and cube ranching. Enjoy!

Episode 125 – Roll On Shock Table

GDM Christopher has an epiphany and has to decide what TTRPG to mess with going forward. GDM Jay helps talk him through the moment. Also Gloomhaven, 2nd edition encounter tables, and horrifying goblins.

Episode 124 – Back To Business As Usual

No more talk about the OGL since we finally won and WotC gave up. Good on them for making the right decision. Instead we’ll talk about the New and Improved Tarrasque, how to mess up in your game as a DM, and what is a homebrew?

Episode 123 – Christopher Drops The Mic

With the draft of OGL 1.2 being released GDM Christopher has much to say, especially about the VTT side of things. GDM Jay takes a stab at making Pathfinder 2e characters, and the guys talk narrative vs strategic systems.