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Episode 115 – DM’s Find A Way

The discussions on Eberron will almost certainly leave you wanting more or possibly screaming at your listening device. This along with poisons and unfamiliar gaming settings leads to a great podcast!

Episode 114 – There Be Dragons and Lances

Dragons and Lances are soon upon us, but are the Grumpy Dungeon Masters on board? Also Spelljammer, Ravenloft, and some cool things from Advanced 5E.

Episode 113 – Finding Your Focus

It’s a deep dive into finding your spot to focus on ideas, more miniatures GDM Christopher wants, and another rabbit hole of insanity as GDM Jay goes looking for the first modern fantasy novel ever.

Episode 112 – The Deck Of Stupid Magic Items

The Grumpy Dungeon Masters take a look at some magic items that just don’t make sense. Also GDM Christophers new campaign begins and nobody died!

Episode 111 – What’s Got Wing’s and Rolls?

The Grumpy Dungeon Masters dive into how much lore is too much lore, transforming beholders, Spiderdragons, and some gaming in Ravenloft.

Episode 110 – Get Healed With The Fishes

More DM’s who can’t play nicely with their players, more rules our DM’s need to learn, and truly grim settings for humanity in gaming. All this and more!

Episode 109 – Timmy the Tiefling: Patron of the Arts

GDM Jay is back from hiatus and the guys have some catching up to do. More Waterdeep campaign incoming and warlock patrons and why they matter.

Episode 108 – DM Mike Rolls Into Battle!

GDM Jay is missing in action this week and is replaced by DM Mike, one of DM Christopher’s regular players. Having recently successfully run his first campaign GDM Christopher and him dive into the details!

Episode 107 – Rangers Are Awesome!

The latest 6th edition UA dropped and the GDM guys invite Dungeon Lord Jay back on to discuss all the updates. Rangers, Rogues, and Bards plus trivia. Oh My!

Episode 106 – Kill Count Confirmed

More lost PC’s and a whole heaping helping of cosmology in Forgotten Realms. Also miniatures are expensive and old D&D video games. It’s more good times at the GDM studios!