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Episode 125 – Roll On Shock Table

GDM Christopher has an epiphany and has to decide what TTRPG to mess with going forward. GDM Jay helps talk him through the moment. Also Gloomhaven, 2nd edition encounter tables, and horrifying goblins.

Episode 124 – Back To Business As Usual

No more talk about the OGL since we finally won and WotC gave up. Good on them for making the right decision. Instead we’ll talk about the New and Improved Tarrasque, how to mess up in your game as a DM, and what is a homebrew?

Episode 123 – Christopher Drops The Mic

With the draft of OGL 1.2 being released GDM Christopher has much to say, especially about the VTT side of things. GDM Jay takes a stab at making Pathfinder 2e characters, and the guys talk narrative vs strategic systems.

Episode 122 – WotC Does It Again

WotC keeps doubling down and just making things worse for themselves. Guess the guys have little choice except to keep covering the news. For those swapping to Pathfinder from D&D 5 GDM Jay has the things you should know. Also, Sleep spell, good or garbage?

Episode 121 – OGL My!

Changes to the WotC OGL have caused a ruckus in the gaming community. The guys chime in, talk about Van Richten’s guide, Oroboros the RPG, and more tales of GDM Christophers variant Waterdeep game.

Episode 120 – Riddle Me This

New Year is here and new Grumpy times are upon us. Good time with Trivial Pursuit D&D, Dark Souls the RPG, and Dungeon23. Enjoy!

Episode 119 – I Aint Got Time To Bleed

Santa dropped off some presents for the GDM guys. Also some chatter about changes to the D&D Official Gaming License and more talk about Pathfinder 2.0. Enjoy!

Episode 118 – Is Pathfinder Not Good Enough For You?

Friend of the show and fellow Grumpy Dungeon Master Bruce Burkart joins the guys to chat about Pathfinder and toss some shade at Wotc. Time to roll some D20!

Episode 117 – Try The Priest

A Baldur’s Gate 3 Collectors Edition, A Cleric Unearthed Arcana, and a stunned Black Dragon walk into a bar. That’s not a joke. That’s the podcast!

Episode 116 – Do or Do Not. There is no Triceratops.

Ardlings, Dragonborn, and Goliaths are this weeks discussion. All that plus rat flamethrowers and 2nd edition dungeon crawling the way Gygax intended.