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Episode 72 – A Little Bit of Chaos in Your Character is Good

The guys have found the best way to make characters. Lets D&D Beyond just make it for you at random. I can’t wait to try out this 8 Dexterity Rogue of mine!

Episode 71 – How to Become a Dungeon Master

For those who want to become dungeon masters, but don’t know how, this is the episode for you! Also the usual shenanigans and Giarc has gone missing!

The end of the year Grumpy Dungeon Masters Special, the Grumpy Dungeon Masters present: Grumpy Player Special, Grumpy Players React 2: Electric Boogaloo Year

The Grumpy guys invited 3 of GDM Jay’s players onto the podcast to relive past traumas the dungeon master had inflicted upon them and take a few swings back.

Episode 70 – Grumpy Year in Review

The final episode of the year! Reviews, nonsense discussions, and who would win in a sword fight between Rob Roy and Mad Martigan?!!

Episode 69 – Santa’s Been Naughty This Year

It’s Christmas week here at the GDM studios and there are a number of Christmas stories to be had. All this plus Hobgoblin Ken & Ryu plus Chicken Nuggets!

Episode 68 – Ghost of Christmas Grumpy

New broken spells and nerfed things alike in the latest D&D 5E book! Also did you know that fairies could carry a human and drop them from killer heights? Me either! *starts watching the skies above*

Episode 67 – Somebody Play us Attune

Who likes magic item attunement? Apparently GDM Christopher does. Also talk of Street Fighter RPG, Harry Potter RPG, and what is canon anyways?

Episode 66 – Duel of the Magic Items

Another fun filled episode with us cursing about Craig, talking shop about great bad guys who won’t stay dead, Monster Ranching, and how everything is D&D.

Episode 65 – In Strange Lands of Lounge Chairs and Kangaroo Pouches

It’s ridiculous magic items galore on this episode! GDM Jay just can’t get enough of stupid magic items. GDM Chris regales us of how he killed another party with magic rays!

Episode 64 – Of Unicorns and Frostmaidens (ft Jeffrey Ludwig)

GDM Jay is on vacation, so we brought in a previous guest to fill in for him. Everyone welcome back Jeffrey Ludwig! This episode we talk about Christopher’s latest outing DMing Adventures League and Jeffrey talks about ending his Frostmaiden campaign!