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Episode 94 – Monkeying Around

Diving into the monk class is something the GDM guys love to do. Also a dungeon with a fake dragon and a mine cart ride of the lifetime. Enjoy!

Episode 93 – Forging For War

It’s a fun filled adventure of dead PC’s, great NPC’s, and what makes Warforged awesome besides their stats. Enjoy!

Episode 92 – The Giant Sized Unearthed Arcana Episode

I hope you like giants, because we’ve got giants for your giants. Also some new subclasses and feats to make your campaign gigantic!

Episode 91 – The Legend of Brapp Zanigan

Horses climbing trees and Brapp Zanigan along with his friend Clif. GDM Jay also makes a pitch for less rules in a game full of rules. Listen and enjoy shenanigans!

Episode 90 – Resurrection’s Stupid

Dark vision apparently leads to anger, which leads to hate, which leads to the dark side or something. Also, resurrection doesn’t make sense. All this in the latest episode.

Episode 89 – Cover Me Cr’aig!

Hiding behind shields, trees, other people, or Tarrasques? Which one works the best? Also gnome vs Goblin! Listen in!

Episode 88 – Tangling With the Tarrasque

More Tarrasque Shenanigans, Giant Space Hamster Miniatures, and how to not end a campaign you’re writing. All in this episode!

Episode 87 – Tagging With Dragons!

The guys talk about a sub-class with spray paint, WotC errors, and GDM Jay learns that you can have 2nd edition materials printed and shipped to you through the DMSGuild website. The more you know!

Episode 86 – Spulljummer Confurmed

Both Spelljammer and Dragonlance have been confirmed. Which one are the Grumpy Dungeon Masters more excited for? The answers might shock you!

Episode 85 – GDM Christopher Strikes Again Part III

GDM Christopher helps some Mephits survive a hostile encounter with some adventurers, better random encounter tables to use, and perplexing things players do.