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Episode 138 – Dungeon Crawl Or Diablo Crawl?

GDM Christopher has been playing Diablo IV non stop and is all hopped up on Mountain Dew and Cheetos. GDM Jay on the other hand has read the entire core rules for Dungeon Crawl Classics and can’t wait to tell you all about it.

Episode 137 – Look What I Made Daddy!

WotC is making some pricing changes that have to guys up in arms again. Also a child who makes adventures better than her dad and more st00pid magic items.

Grumpy Guest – Kenzer Co

Our guests this week are Kenzer & Company (David Kenzer, Brian Jelke, and Jolly Blackburn). Creators of Knights of the Dinner Table, Hackmaster, & Kingdoms of Kalamar. Apologies, we had a bit of audio trouble in the later part of the podcast.

Episode 136 – Warlock Snorlock!

Another D&D 5.5 Unearthed Arcana and another sigh from GDM Christopher. The two go hand in hand. Spell creation, weapon masteries, and a different warlock are all on the ticket this week!

Grumpy Guest – Luke Gygax

Our latest grumpy guest is the great Luke Gygax, the creator of Gary Con and son of Gary Gygax. The GDM guys were happy to chat with him for a while, talk about current projects, and how his dad killed his 10th level ranger.

Episode 135 – Jay Is Dead And Buried Under The Tree Out Back

With a missing co-host, GDM Christopher has a friend fill in for GDM Jay. The guys talk about the recent campaign they were in, Waterdeep: Fiendish Summer.

Grumpy Guest – Jeff Ashworth

Our latest grumpy guest is Jeff Ashworth. The creator of the “Game Master Guide of” series which are great tools for any game master. The guys spend a couple of hours going over his DMing style and preferences, another great grumpy moment from out guest, and a new detail for Cr’aig.

Episode 134 – I’ve Got 2 Weeks Until Retirement

A tale of unlawful entry that turned exactly how you’d expect a group of new players to turn it. Also more items the GDM guys want and what’s the best Warlock spell?

Episode 133 – Something Something Creators Summit

The D&D Creators Summit didn’t go as planned and the guys give their own take on things this episode. Also Ed Greenwood is GDM Christophers 3rd favorite human being and GDM Jay found a toy he wants.

Episode 132 – Uncle Ed Said

Ed Greenwood’s new Youtube channel is killing it and the guys are enjoying every episode. GDM Jay talks about his Oriental Adventures in Rokugan game and the guys talk about Honor Among Thieves since they have finally seen it.