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Episode 81 – Technical Writing?

The guys get technical with technical writing and how to not get made fun of. Also GDM Christopher talks more about his new character and Spelljammer is on the horizon.

Episode 80 – Heard You Like Dragonlance

The Dragonlance experts are here and send GDM Christopher to school on it. Lucky for him there is no test on this information later on. Also GDM Christopher tells fibs about not killing any characters this week.

Episode 79 – GDM Christopher Strikes Again

GDM Christopher smashes players characters again. Listen in to see who got the hammer this time! Also GDM Jay finally played a gnome!

Episode 78 – Et Tu, Panda?

It’s an entire podcast of crushing GDM Christopher’s dreams and bringing him back to earth. He was flying to near the sun so it’s probably better for him. Also Goblin sock puppetry!

Episode 77 – Stupid Ooze Mini

What spell do you use to tell a joke about the Ooze Lord Jubilex? Viscous Mockery! Thanks for coming to my stand up routine! Also GDM Christopher actually gets to play D&D!

Episode 76 – Negatives Good Buddy

Are Negatives necessary in D&D to offset positives? Also, who plays a warlock without Eldritch Blast? Apparently the GDM guys do.

Episode 75 – Jubilicious

Who wants to get devoured by the most awesome Slime of all time? Jubilex! Also tattoos for completing a campaign for everybody!

Episode 74 – Watering Whoville

Silvery barbs and Tsunami make a surprise return on the podcast and also a late entrance by Reverend Panda! This one was a ton of fun!

Episode 73 – Grumpy Cookies and Korreds

Can you counter spell something when you can’t see it coming? Even the GDM guys aren’t certain on this one, but they have some ideas on it. Also Korreds, Girl Scout Cookies, and dungeon sizes!

Episode 72 – A Little Bit of Chaos in Your Character is Good

The guys have found the best way to make characters. Lets D&D Beyond just make it for you at random. I can’t wait to try out this 8 Dexterity Rogue of mine!