Episode 155 – Time To Stop Dragon Your Feet

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This week we found out that GDM Christopher thinks that Drow and Ettercap’s are best buddies. He’d probably be surprised to find out that Duergar and Sverfneblin don’t really get along either.

Fortunately GDM Christopher did manage to get his hands on a physical copy of the new Planescape setting so the guys talk some about it. More specifically they dive into the Ancient Time Dragon and it’s lack of Time abilities.

With the release of a new setting though, the guys have to do their usual summary of what’s wrong with it and what in the world is Wotc doing. They don’t dive too deeply though since they are waiting to have their Planescape expert friend back on soon to really dig into things.

GDM Jay has been reading up on Bridgetown lately and Troika!, the system that Bridgetown runs off of. In the process he managed to find a really creative initiative system using poker chips, beads, coins, or anything else that’s uniform.

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