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This week the guys get to sit down and chat with David Schirduan. He is the co-creator of Overpowered, and the publisher of BridgeTown. For those who are unfamiliar, Overpowered is a single player (or multi-player if you have the will) game where you read through a module and find interesting ways to overcome challenges and earn points along the way. Bridgetown is a pastoral, liminal RPG setting of a never-ending, ever-crumbling bridge. Built for Troika, but usable anywhere. He also manages Technical Grimoire a shop for the games he has built, and there are many more, but also a blog for game review and design. \

The guys get some time to chat with him about what being a publisher is all about, what mistakes he made along the way, and thoughts to help anybody who wants to get into something like that. GDM Christopher and GDM Jay both gush over how awesome the recent book BridgeTown is.

As usual they also ask him about his grumpiest gaming moment and David gets to add an incredible piece of lore to Cr’aig’s history. Make sure to check out his website at

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