Episode 154 – Be Careful Taking Gifts From Strange Game Masters

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Both the GDM guys actually got to run some tabletop games this week so naturally they have stuff to talk about. GDM Christopher’s D&D game is back to streaming on Twitch and he presented his wife’s character with a gift. Don’t ever accept presents from fae, random game masters, or GDM Christopher. Now shes a warlock.

GDM Jay on the other hand ran a Pathfinder game without a single ounce of combat, despite writing the scenario for it. Although he naturally forgot to require persuasion and deception checks his players did such a good job of role playing they managed to talk their way through the encounters.

The guys also chat some about a sad battle between Netflix and the RPG company called Evil Genius Games. It stems from an upcoming product for the soon to be released Netflix movie Rebel Moon. Netflix says one thing, Evil Genius Games says another. Lets hope it all gets worked out in the end.

GDM Christopher is also really grumpy about the state of Adventurer’s League and dives deep into the muck on it.

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