Episode 152 – I Want Candy!

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GDM Jay was out of town the past few days LARPing so he didn’t really have much to talk about. Fortunately GDM Christopher had plenty of topics, such as Candy, Death, and the new playtest for D&D 5.5 edition. Oddly enough there doesn’t really seem to be any candy in Dungeons and Dragons. The GDM guys feels this is a travesty so naturally GDM Jay finds a list on Reddit of 100 candys for D&D.

While death is a part of any campaign GDM Christopher finds ways to circumvent that forever thanks to spells like revivify and the amazing spell reincarnate. Make sure to befriend a druid or become one yourself for ever lasting life.

They also wanted to talk some about the latest playtest material for 5.5 D&D. A quick look at changes for the barbarian, fighter, warlock, sorceror, and wizard, along with some mastery skills. GDM Christopher seems to be a little more at ease with the current state of playtesting, but that could just be the case since the guys have mostly stopped paying attention. Only time will tell.

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