Episode 149 – Lady Luck Has Dirty Dice

Orange D20 with Grumpy Dungeon Masters Podcast text

If The Grumpy Dungeon Masters are joined by the Beer Bandit once again to chat about table top games and terrible movies. The two go hand in hand. Did anybody know they had made 4 Dragonheart movies?

They also dive into the changes to Tieflings over the years. How far back in a Tieflings lineage do they have to go to get the hellish traits and what’s the difference between a Cambion and a Tiefling? The Grumpy Dungeon Masters are here to help you figure that out.

Apparently Cassette Punk is a thing and GDM Jay is raging about it. Blockbuster punk is perfectly acceptable though. He also talks with the guys about some of the epic giants in the new book Bigby Presents: Glory of Giants.

Lastly, wash your nasty dice.

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