Grimskalle Battlemaps


So in our weekly Actual Play D&D stream (follow and watch us HERE) our group is about to enter Grimskalle. However, we’ve looked for battlemaps for Grimskalle but couldn’t find any. So GDM Christopher decided to make his own. Full disclosure he is not an artist. He just took the maps from the books, added some token assets to fill out the rooms, and lastly added a grid to make it 5ft instead of 10ft blocks. Hopefully, this helps bridge the gap while the amazing map makers out there make a far better one.

Here they are for you to use as you will. Let us know if you have any questions or issues! These are the full high resolution maps.

The Snowflake dungeon level of the map was so big, I think it broke the site. This is a direct link to it. Hopefully that works for grabbing the file. I couldn’t get it to work otherwise.

Here are the other maps via direct link just in case!

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