Episode 32 – How To Punch A Sorcerer To Death: The Movie

In the latest episode of the Grumpy Dungeon Masters we discuss the lengths at which a DM will try and prove themselves correct. We also discuss ways to avoid doing that, because all it is going to do is cause a rift at the table. Plus when 98.2% of the DMs polled think that you are incorrect with your ruling, you may be wrong. But, instead of pointing fingers, lets take this example as a learning opportunity and learn something more about the game we all love.

Lastly, we talk about the types of fantasy that your Table Top RPG can take shape from. Most of which just seemed to be from the Sword Coast… I mean Forgotten Realms setting. But there were a lot of Conan references. Eventually ending on both Grumpy DMs agreeing that we would like Arnold Schwarzenegger to come back as “King Conan” and punch a few Sorcerers to death. I’d be a great movie!

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