Episode 33 – I Wanna Smell Like Brownies

In the latest episode of Grumpy Dungeon Masters we frolic through the fey wild forests and speculate on some recently released Unearthed Arcana, Folk of the Feywild. Owls, Fairies, Rabbits, and Hobgoblins, oh my! We then shift gears and discuss some thoughts implementing pantheons and divinity into your campaign . Also, GDM Christopher gets called out by one of his players!

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2 Comments on “Episode 33 – I Wanna Smell Like Brownies

  1. Of the 48 fey in D&D 5e, only six have fly speeds. Just an interesting tidbit, since you were talking about wings.

    Also I checked the AD&D Monster Manual and Monster Manual II. Neither has an entry for “Fairy.” Pixie, yes, Sprite, yes, Fairy, no. I don’t have easy access to the books for Basic, and there’s every chance one of the other splat books or modules had a Fairy. Point is, I’d need a citation for old school D&D just calling the monster a “fairy” without some other qualifier.

  2. Thanks for verifying the Data. I personally only did 4e & 5e, which is why I only brought up the Pixie from 4e.

    They should add rules for Tiny lineages though.

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