Episode 160 – Matt Mercer Neck Tattoo And The People Who Love Them

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The Grumpy Dungeon Masters are spending a bit of time doing some speculating on the future of Dungeons and Dragons and what comes next. With the deadline for D&D 5.5 fast approaching they are wondering when it will actually be released. There is also the long tail debate of D&D going to online VTT mostly and what happens then. Could Critical Role take it’s place as the top RPG?

GDM Christopher wonders if D&D still used the Vancian magic system that it’s always been known for or if that’s a dinosaur of the past? While a tiered system is part of the requirement so is memorizing spells, which is mostly used by Wizards at this point. Certainly a debate worth having.

GDM Christopher also changes his way of thinking and has finally come around to just giving everybody spells as special powers in 5E, since that’s what WotC already does.

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