Episode 159 – A Feast of Heroes

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The Grumpy Dungeon Masters have finally gotten a wish to come true. A TV channel of just D&D TV shows. GDM Jay has been dreaming of this day since he first began dungeon mastering in the days of yore. Sadly nobody will ever hear of or find this channel without the Grumpy Dungeon Masters help. It’s buried somewhere on Amazon free TV near the bottom of the depths.

GDM Jay ends up taking issue with there not being enough Dungeon Masters and tries to put a pin into exactly why this is. Is it because the game is too rules heavy, too much work, or maybe people are intimidated by seeing DM’s like Matt Mercer. The truth is that all of these things are true, but creative types should still give it a try.

GDM Jay also spends a little bit of time talking about the 2nd edition Dark Sun setting and is making plans to dive deeper into it in the future. GDM Chris however is looking forward to running the Tank Girl RPG. Yep, it’s a thing.

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