Episode 110 – Get Healed With The Fishes

So the Grumpy Dungeon Masters managed to find an interesting case of a dungeon master changing the rules without telling the players. While this is like beating a dead horse this one actually had some interesting rule discussions and taught our DM’s a fairly unknown rule. The guys also dive into whether or not the change to 6th edition will harm the non-WotC 5E games being released soon. Some DM’s always want the latest toys while others will run white box til the day they die.

So when it comes to settings how bleak is too bleak? The world ending isn’t always a quick affair. Sometimes it is a slow burn that takes centuries. The guys look into the topic of settings where mankind is dying and whether it could be a good setting to tackle in a game. GDM Jay also regales us with a tale of his players making a mess of things and GDM Christopher talks about his wife’s first time DMing. Apparently she takes after him.

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