Episode 109 – Timmy the Tiefling: Patron of the Arts

GDM Jay has returned from his week long vacation, but there is little D&D news despite it. The Guys had their work cut out for them coming up with topics and they came out like a couple of champs. GDM Christopher has decided to take the Waterdeep campaign and make a lot of adjustments for his next campaign to the point that it’s a homebrew. GDM Jay is happy of that fact that he is finally getting out from under the pre-written modules and doing his own thing.

GDM Jay also has a bone to pick with the Warlock class and their patrons, specifically the hexblade. Why do all hexblades have to work with some unnamed Shadow Lord? Why not a hexblade that made a bargain with little Timmy the Tiefling down the street? I’d say give Timmy a chance. You might be surprised!

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