Episode 107 – Rangers Are Awesome!

Sit back and strap yourselves in for the longest Podcast the Grumpy Dungeon Masters have ever put together. No seriously, this one’s about 3 hours long. Lots of listening material for you at work!

So what’s all the hype about? Well the newest UA for 6th edition dropped and it’s chocked full of changes. Tons of feats, a few spells, and changes to 3 of the classes. Bards, Rogues, and Rangers all get updates and the GDM guys invite a previous guest in Dungeon Lord Jay to help them work through it all.

If you listen to the end you also get to hear the Grumpy Dungeon Masters take on some D&D trivia from their guest. Who do you think will win? Grumpy Dungeon Master Christopher is certainly up on his D&D knowledge, but Grumpy Dungeon Master Jay has many years of experience. Either way it was a fun time!

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