Episode 106 – Kill Count Confirmed

The GDM guys are back and it’s another week of GDM Christopher destroying his players hopes and dreams. This time he pulls it off with a random encounter. That takes serious talent to smash an entire party with a random encounter. Listen in for the tales of Avernus and how things can go terribly wrong.

GDM Jay however has had a bit of time off from running games so he’s been spending his time wisely and prepping to run his next game, Shadowrun. Soon it will be time to dust of the credsticks, jack into the matrix, and launch some manaballs at chummers. During his preparations though he managed to go down a spiral of the astral plane and Forgotten Realms cosmology. Boy was that a mistake.

The guys also find some time to do some Grump about miniatures and the costs associated with them. Also talk of really old D&D video games and how Shadowrun was the superior video games in the 1990’s.

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