Episode 102 – 5.5 VS 6 Round 1 Fight!

Got another long podcast for you guys this week. WotC recently released a Unearthed Arcana and a number of videos discussing the direction they are taking D&D in the future. The UA details out some things they have been working on and tossing around. First and foremost of they are calling it One D&D. The community is however referring to it as 5.5 or 6th edition. There is a debate as to which it is, but really you guys only care what the Grumpy Dungeon Masters think about it.

The UA also details out a ton of other changes to races, backgrounds, feats, magic, and a whole bunch of other things. Fortunately none of these are permanent changes as of yet and they are offering to listen to player feedback. So listen to the podcast, reach your own conclusions about the changes and then offer them some feedback. We all love this game and want the best version of it we can have.

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