Episode 101 – Grovel For Glory

GDM Jay here guys. We’ve broken the 100 episode mark finally (not counting guests)! You’d think we would celebrate or something, but not us. Can’t be grumpy if you’re riding on jet skis.

Instead we’re talking about Spelljammer again! We managed to get our greedy little hands on the table of contents for the upcoming Spelljammer set coming out in a week and boy is it a lot of stuff. Books are broken into 3 different ones, each focused on a different aspect of the setting. Some of it’s awesome and some of it makes us grumpy. We wouldn’t be who we are without some grumping.

GDM Christopher also goes on a bit of a tirade about a Baldur’s Gate campaign he’s running for Adventurers League and I tell a story about a kobold who grovels and why it’s awesome!

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