Episode 100 – Card Sharks

Hey guys. GDM Jay here. Had to send Cr’aig back to the dungeon for being naughty. Maybe he’ll see sunlight in a couple of weeks. I’ll handle things here until then. On this weeks episode we get to go over the new Unearthed Arcana that WotC released about the multiverse. It’s got a bit of everything in it for everybody. Races, sub-classes, feats, and new spells. We didn’t cover everything, but the important stuff was mentioned. Mostly how you can now play Gambit from the X-men.

GDM Christopher talks about his time at GalaxyCon in Raleigh and how to actually calculate the Magic Missle spell. Needless to say it’s not really complicated. Also GDM Jay tells a tale of phiting a phoenix and how plans quickly go awry. Also why are health potions red and mana potions blue and the uses for syrup.

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