Episode 99 – D&D Movie The Movie

Cr’aig here. The guys sure are happy this week. They finally got a trailer for the new Dungeons and Dragons movie and they didn’t immediately hate it. As we know the guys can be grumpy and it’s certainly possible they have words for the film after it releases, but for now I’ll take the good news. The trailer however did get some online buzz for the negative and the GDM guys take these naysayers to task over it. Tieflings, Dragons, and Owlbears, Oh My!

GDM Christopher also gets to tell a story about being told he can’t play a certain type of character. The guys get into a good discussion about what parameters a DM should set when it comes to allowing characters to be played in their campaigns. They also take on the tough road of players who like to play broken characters. Anybody who has dungeon mastered for long enough will encounter the level 5 character with 24 AC or the level 10 character doing 120 damage every round of combat. Always remember, it’s Role play, not Roll play.

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