Episode 56 – The Chris Episode Spectacular

Alright GDM Christopher here! So GDM Jay went missing. We checked in his cave and he wasn’t there. We checked under the bridge where he steals Billy Goats and he wasn’t there either. He is just gone. Don’t worry though, we will find him.

So in the meantime I brought in GDM ReverendPanda to pinch hit and do the Podcast with. IRL he is also a Chris, so this is the Chris Episode Spectacular! We spared no expense. No intro, outro, or ads this week. In fact I’ll be amazed if I can even get the MP3 created and uploaded to the podcast streams.

This week we talk about D&D Map making, we discuss the canon (or none canon) of D&D 5e. ReverendPanda gets upset a bit, goes on a rant.

Check out his patreon here – https://www.patreon.com/reverendpanda

Check out his new Feywild publication on DMs Guild – https://www.dmsguild.com/product/367666/Feywild-Folk-and-More

Well enough rambling. Here is the episode. Hope it works.









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