Episode 57 – Dungeons and Manga

Guess who’s back? The GDM Chris’ found GDM Jay and dragged him back in front of a mic kicking and grumbling the whole way. This week the guys talk briefly about some upcoming 5E products, how WotC does business, board games, and the idea of running a low money campaign. They also dive into rules they don’t know anything about (as usual) and talk manga. Seems as if though they are all over the map this time!

Link here to purchase the next official D&D adventure The Wild Beyond the Witchlight – A Feywild Adventure!
Or get the Feywild Adventure Bundle that comes with maps, dice, and creature cards all related to the ned adventure.

Also if you are looking for a good supplement with more Feywild Races, Backgrounds, Magic Items, and other feywild goodies, pick up GDM ReverendPandas Feywild Folk and More supplement on DMs Guild. It is a steal at only two dollars!

Link for the Dragonlance creator’s campaign setting HERE.

Link for Chris Metzen’s Auroboros campaign setting HERE.

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