Episode 37 – Seasons Don’t Fear the Gatekeeper

Hey guys. It’s Craig. You know? The lovable scoundrel that the guys always complain about. Sure is hard working for these guys. You know what else is rough? Gatekeeping. The guys dive into the issues of gatekeeping hobbies. Also GDM Jay rips into some guy who has no sense of humor. They also discuss an idea on how to make all or nothing spells a little less…..nothing and they introduce a new weekly segment for the show. Teaching GDM Christopher Magic and Other DM’s who can’t Spell Good.

We also wanted to share the DMs video that we mentioned in the stream. So here is her video on TikTok. She is @kkat145 on TikTok, be sure to give her a follow!

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2 Comments on “Episode 37 – Seasons Don’t Fear the Gatekeeper

  1. Random Responses
    Cancelling at last minute after. You asked me on Sunday at fighter practice if we were playing. Yes, we play every Friday. After you asked me on Tuesday during Tacos if we were playing. Yes, we play every Friday. After you emailed me on Thursday if we were playing. Yes, we play every Friday. Then you decide to go to movie at 6 PM on Friday night.

    Not my edition, or not my flavor is not a problem. Just means some players like a certain way of gaming.
    3E ONE DIE TO RULE THEM ALL. THE D20. Nice edition but all the rules are in the book. Liked it till 3.5 when you got small great sword, great sword, and large great sword.

    Stories about Gatekeeping.
    Dayroom in Fort Ord, guy Says he going to teach me Ping Pong. Final score 21 to 7. The battletech bounce needs to be told in person but the gamers did not want the younger brother to play.
    Adventures League locally if we have a DM and tier 1 module, we will split the table if have enough DMs.

    • I had a player like that years ago. Always hyped up to play. Talked about it all week. Then cancels last minute. It was a shame.

      It’s always a shame when there is a younger player who wants to play and gets chased away cause they are too young. That’s the most critical time to get a life long player. Never squash some ones joy of wanting to play.

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