Episode 157 – Planescape: Redux

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So Planescape hasn’t been a thing since 2nd edition Dungeons and Dragons, well over 20 years ago. With the announcement of a new set of books coming the guys were interested to find out more. They had their friend Kristian come on the podcast recently and talk to them and explain more about the setting.

For GDM Christopher it was all new information. For GDM Jay, he’d never actually played the setting before so even he learned some things. Well the new books have dropped and they have invited Kristian back again to go over the new material with them. As the resident Planescape expert his knowledge is helpful on whether the books are a good investment for a DM.

The overall verdict appears to be positive with some issues here and there. With the beating WotC has taken lately, this seems like a good thing. Sadly it’s at the end of the 5E lifecycle, but we’ll have to see if Planescape gets some love in 5.5 edition.

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