Episode 143 – The Grumpy Council Convenes: Dragonix’s Deadly Denizens

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This week is a bit out of the ordinary here at Grumpy Headquarters. The GDM guys get Reverand Panda and Jeffrey Ludwig to join them and talk about a product the guys got access to, Dragonix’s Deadly Denizens! It’s a fully realized D&D 5E Monster book that would add some flare to your own games. The guys talk shop about the art, the lore, and the different creatures contained within.

GDM Waples also tells everybody about his most recent adventures league and finally joins the 10+ players club. Not surprisingly things don’t go as smoothly as intended. Never does with that many players.

Be sure to get your copy of Dragonix’s Deadly Denizens only $30. Dragonix also sells token for each of the monsters (Deadly Denizens VTT Tokens) and 3D STL model for a few of the monsters in the book (Deadly Denizens STL Files).

Be sure to also pick up the best selling product of his the Monster Manual Expanded Bundles. Get all three with the bundle and 20% off.

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