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(Apologies to any listeners. We had a bit of audio trouble in the later portion of the podcast with Jolly’s mic that we couldn’t fix.)

Hey guys. This week we had another great guest…or in fact 3 great guests. David Kenzer, Brian Jelke, & Jolly Blackburn from Kenzer & Company (Kenzer Co). For anybody not familiar with them they have been around the table top gaming scene since the 90’s and are responsible for some of the amazing products we’ve talked about on this show before. Hackmaster, Kingdoms of Kalamar, and Knights of the Dinner Table are just a few that come to mind.

While the podcast may have been a bit more chaotic than normal, the conversations were good. The guys delve into the history of Kenzer Co and how they all got a start in the business end of things as well as finding out about the creative process they use as a team. GDM Jay, being a huge fan of Kalamar also had to regale them about his love for hobgoblins. Anyways, a big thanks to the guys for doing the podcast.

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