Grumpy Guest – Luke Gygax

This week the guys were fortunate enough to sit and chat with none other than Luke Gygax. For anybody who doesn’t already know this, he is the son of Gary Gygax and the creator of Gary Con along with a number of other things. The GDM guys get to ask all of the important questions that every fan of D&D ever wanted the answers to…such as how much does he lift and how he keeps his beard immaculate. As he has been a part of the gaming community nearly as long as it’s been a thing he’s got a number of stories to tell and the Grumpy Dungeon Masters were all ears (and occasional mouth).

His most recent Kickstarter just wrapped up on Okkorim: Fate of Chentoufi, but you may still be able to get in on it when the backer kit drops. He also has a new game called Strange & Grim coming out on Kickstarter for the Everyday Heroes system and you can find more of his stuff at his website Gaxxworx.

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