Episode 130 – One Part Hurricane, Two Parts Firestorm, and Mix!

Natural disasters are a part of life. When you add magic into the mix the term “natural disaster” takes on a slightly different meaning. The Grumpy Dungeon Masters take a stab at what constitutes a natural disaster and how to even try and utilize something like that in your game. Oh, and of course Tsunaming the Underdark gets mentioned again.

GDM Jay is enamored with some of the new books that he’s obtained recently and dives into the Warhammer 40k Rogue Trader game some. On top of an incredible setting of grim dark sci-fi in the far future the game itself appears to be quite solid with good rules. Hopefully someday he gets to actually run it.

In similar news GDM Christopher gets ahold of Ed Greenwoods book Thay: Land of the Red Wizards and also The Legend of Drizzt Visual Dictionary and can’t believe how amazing the books are. Both completely stuffed with lore that GDM Christopher wouldn’t have known and can now use against his players.

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