Episode 127 – Furniture Parkour and other advanced tactics for your next D&D game

Apparently GDM Jay is now just working alongside of ChatGPT when doing this podcast. The 2 of them did have some good conversation though.

The GDM’s take a dive into the current play test D&D 6th edition that details out the “new and improved” Druid and the Paladin. To nobody’s surprise the guys have many thoughts about the changes. Is the 6th Ed druid better or is this one for the birds?

There is more chatter as well about the current magic system that’s used for D&D and could it be done better? I’m not certain that mana potions is the way to go, but having a simple column of memorized spells isn’t necessarily the best either. Guess the guys will have to use their DM magic and find a better solution.

So the long time debate of does D&D have to many rules is also on the table. The current iterations are filled with rules for this and rules for that with 6th edition leaning heavily into even more rules. Looks like the guys get to take a stab at the debate.

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