Episode 120 – Riddle Me This

It’s a new year and the Grumpy Dungeon Masters spent their holiday party playing Dungeons and Dragons Trivial Pursuit like any good geek would. Happy to say the game was challenging enough even for our two expert DM’s with their encyclopedic knowledge of the game.

GDM Jay also talks some about the recent tabletop RPG release of Dark Souls. For those who are familiar with the video game this might be something of interest to you. GDM Jay doesn’t know much about it, but he still feels that it sticks close to the source material, especially since his players have told him as much.

So with 2023 upon us there is a new thing going about called Dungeon23 for all game masters. It will help with creativity and building dungeons and both of our Grumpy guys are giving it a go. Tune in to see what that’s about!

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