Episode 17 – You Got your Magic in my DnD

You got your Magic: The Gathering in my D&D! YOU got your D&D in my Magic: The Gathering! Is the crossover event coming? Will Jace punch Drizzt in the nose? All this along with MORE TASHA’s, animating taxidermy, and a half-giant plays Baldur’s Gate 3!

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2 Comments on “Episode 17 – You Got your Magic in my DnD

  1. The DM may be god in their campaign, but the players are not wrong to speak up if, say, the rules have changed from what was agreed upon at session 0. The players always have the ultimate veto power of leaving a game that is not fun for them – in the “DM is god” analogy, well, what is a god with no believers?

    • There is definitely a balance between the two. One that can be a fine line. DMs needs to accept when they are wrong and players need to accept that the DM can be wrong, but that is still what occurs. This sounds like a topic we should dive into in with more detail in a future podcast.

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