Episode 14 – Tasha’s Cauldron of Whatever She Wants

Ever wondered what musical instruments Craig is proficient in? Wonder no more! We also talk about Tasha’s Cauldron of Everything and the archetypes within, is psionics any good, and is DnD 6E just around the corner?

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2 Comments on “Episode 14 – Tasha’s Cauldron of Whatever She Wants

  1. Re: Scaling of 3.5e spell resistance and saves: That’s why you used instantaneous conjurations for damage. Orb of Acid, Orb of Force, etc. No spell resistance and no saves, so even if you multiclassed and lose out on a bit of scaling… it doesn’t matter, because your BAB still scales, and ranged touch attacks are easy against most targets.

    Re: Theros on D&D Beyond: You can toggle off Magic: The Gathering content. Theros is MTG, as is Ravnicka. So you can absolutely toggle them off.

    • True, but you still can’t toggle off individual sources. Like AQ is great, I love it. But I don’t want their spells and joke items showing up for my players. There is no way to toggle that source off completely. There is a way to exclude access to source material, but for some reason things like the spells still show up in the spell list. Now last I checked was about 6 months ago. Maybe it changed.

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