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Episode 12 – Rime of the Frostmaiden (spoiler free)

Episode 12 of Grumpy Dungeon Masters where we talk (spoiler free) about how about the new Icewind Dale book from WotC.

Episode 11 – Archetypes and You

Episode 11 of Grumpy Dungeon Masters where we talk about how to create Archetypes for your Homebrew and how bullshit Fireball can be to a one-shot.

Using Adjectives for Flavor to Spice up your Game

Use greater details to really bring your fantasy game to life.

Grumpy Guest – Kevin Hardy

Our first Grumpy Guest Episode! For the first episode we have someone super special, Mr. Kevin Hardy. Owner and operator of the Shadowmoor LARP. We talk about TTRPGs that we like and world building for our games.

Why do you play what you play?

Is there a special DnD class in your life?

Episode 10 – I Hate Rogues

Episode 10 of Grumpy Dungeon Masters, where we gripe about hating rogues and what classes we get typecast as.

Run Your Own Campaign or Run a PRE-made

Should you write your own campaign or use what already exists? Both are viable options for DM’s. Which is a better choice?

Episode 9 – Grumpy Guide to Everything

Episode 9 of Grumpy Dungeon Masters. It’s a Grumpy Guide to Everything is out now! Listen and learn everything. Don’t and learn nothing.

What Makes a Truly Great Villain

How do you make an awesome villain? Want them to be like Darth Vader? Here’s a few things to think about when creating them.

Episode 8 – Cruel DM

Episode 8 of Grumpy Dungeon Masters where we talk about how cruel of a DM you should be.