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Grumpy Review – The Wild Beyond the Witchlight: A Feywild Adventure

Grumpy DM Christopher shares his thoughts on the upcoming D&D adventure The Wild Beyond the Witchlight https:c //amzn.to/3xb7rIG

Episode 44 – The Wizarding World of Faerun

Episode 44 of Grumpy Dungeon Masters GDM Jay complains about the new Feywild and MTG books and an introduction to the Devils Carriage, a new enemy created for a single encounter.

Episode 43 – Super Heroes or Loser Zeroes?

Episode 43 of Grumpy Dungeon Masters the guys discuss Brobolds, Dragonborn options, and why 3d6 is the only way to play DnD.

Episode 42 – The Tarrasque and the Gnats

Episode 42 of Grumpy Dungeon Masters the guys kick around thoughts on why gravity wizards are awesome and how to beat up a Tarrasque with birds and candlesticks.

Episode 41 – Ballad of the Drunken Dipshits

Episode 41 of Grumpy Dungeon Masters we kick around party names and why the worst names are really the best names. OFiT 4 lyfe!

Episode 40 – Out of Time and Other Things Wizards Do

Episode 40 of Grumpy Dungeon Masters the guys discuss the homebrew Chronomancer. Lets just say it’s as bad ass as it sounds. If you ever want to play a Time Lord that kicks mountains then try this class.

Grumpy Guest – Reverendpanda

Grumpy Guest ReverendPanda is a twitch streamer who does D&D campaign creation content. The discussion leads to an incredible rant and one of the greatest details ever of Craig’s backstory. Listen in to find out what Craig has been hiding his entire life!

Episode 39 – Hag! How Much You Lift Bro?

Episode 39 of Grumpy Dungeon Masters the guys talk about Hags who weight lift, rules that are awesome or stupid and running a game for newbies and how they always go awry…..they always go awry, but give us great tales to tell.

Episode 38 – To Crit or Not to Crit

Episode 38 of Grumpy Dungeon Masters the guys talk about wrecking there players through luck of the dice. GDM Chris explains his mystical technique to increase his critical chances! For only $9.95 he can teach you these master level skills!

Episode 37 – Seasons Don’t Fear the Gatekeeper

Episode 37 of Grumpy Dungeon Masters where we find out in this episode that Gatekeeping sucks and so do people without a sense of humor. Also, GDM Christopher learns D&D Magic!