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What Makes a Truly Great Villain

How do you make an awesome villain? Want them to be like Darth Vader? Here’s a few things to think about when creating them.

DMs Guild Tier 4 submission

I think most people always want to get noticed for something that they do well, maybe if they are lucky get paid to do it. Then there are those that just do it for the love of the craft and don’t need anything more.… Continue Reading “DMs Guild Tier 4 submission”

D&D Beyond Homebrew Guide

So about the time Episode 2 released, D&D Beyond released an article outlining how to create Homebrew content within their online system. As much as I complained about having to creating magic items in the previous episode, I will say that the D&D… Continue Reading “D&D Beyond Homebrew Guide”

Site in Development & Introduction

Hello and welcome to our Lair, well its actually just a website. One that needs some work in order to make it something usable. Not really web developers on this side of the screen, so it may take some time. More importantly this site… Continue Reading “Site in Development & Introduction”