Site in Development & Introduction

Hello and welcome to our Lair, well its actually just a website. One that needs some work in order to make it something usable. Not really web developers on this side of the screen, so it may take some time. More importantly this site will allow us to create a place for us to host our Podcasts! We are hoping to release them each Tuesday. Our Podcasts will be two dungeon masters, with a combined forty years of DMing experience, discussing and complaining about our experiences with being dungeon masters. Most of it is just good fun and reminiscing about our games. Sometimes explanation and discussion on our methods and ideas on running our games. Essentially, we’re gonna talk. We hope you will listen and enjoy it. We are also going to release some of our self made content on our website as well. Our homebrews that we have created or maps that we have developed. Thanks for checking us out.

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