D&D Beyond Homebrew Guide

So about the time Episode 2 released, D&D Beyond released an article outlining how to create Homebrew content within their online system.


As much as I complained about having to creating magic items in the previous episode, I will say that the D&D Beyond system is a great way to get custom items created. The feature I used the most was when creating a magic item or monster, you can choose a base item to start working from, then modify that item as you see fit.

For example, you could choose a basic Goblin then boost its Strength, Dex, and Charisma, give him two scimitar attacks, a black squirrel companion, and boom you have Gritz the Ranger Goblin. Their article goes the through details and the nuances of the system and is definitely worth the read even if you are familiar with the system.

As a bonus, here is the Spider Queen’s Blessing discussed in EP2 and a sneak peak at a new NPC that was created for a one shot we that we are developing.


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