Episode 3 – HobTown

Creating homebrew or custom content for your tabletop game is a staple of a DM’s skillset. DMs can spend decades creating a unique world for their players. But sometimes it’s not enough. For example:

DM: On your way to the next major town you pass through some smaller settlements full of common folk.
Player 1: I’d like to to know the specific details of everyone within each town, along with all the local customs and unique wares.
DM: There is no one of note, as they are all just common people and they don’t have any unique wares or customs.
Player 1: What?! That’s ridiculous they have to have something of value.
DM: Yes, they have stuff of value, but nothing of real massive value. They are common folk.
Player 2: So they DO have stuff of value? I kill them all since they are common folk and steal their valuables.
DM: What?! No. You can’t just do that. I mean you can, but there would be….
Player 3: Yeah, I’ll help him stab everyone for their valuables.
DM: So you all are just going to go on a town by town murder spree for petty cash and small trinkets. Help me out Player 4, what do you want to do?
Player 4: Huh? Oh sorry, I was looking at my phone. I cast healing word on the Barbarian.
DM: *Sigh*

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Hit N Smash by Rafael Krux
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