DMs Guild Tier 4 submission

I think most people always want to get noticed for something that they do well, maybe if they are lucky get paid to do it. Then there are those that just do it for the love of the craft and don’t need anything more.

I personally hope that one day I can create something that people can all play and enjoy. Working towards that goal, I wrote and sent in a Tier 4 D&D 5e encounter to the DMs Guild. They had put in out an open call to anyone that wished to submit a Tier 4 encounter.

Submission is still open till 5pm EST this Friday (7/24). So if you have an encounter that you would like to submit, I highly suggest that you go through and submit one.

I’ve attached my submission to the DMs Guild. Give it a read and let me know what you think.

Hopefully I caught all the grammar and spelling errors.

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