Episode 4 – Types of Players

Rules Lawyers. Power gamers. RPGers. Wargamers. Every type of player is different. Every DM is different. A part of finding a group is to understand what kind of player or DM you are and then communicating that to your group. Open communication is essential to having a good game. Let everyone at the table know what you like and dislike, and work together to have an enjoyable time. If you prefer the wargaming let the DM know and he will in turn try to make interesting encounters. If you prefer role play to combat, let everyone know and work towards having better role play. While you let others know what you like, be respectful of what the others like. Give role play a shot, see how it goes. Do your best to add to a better game and if you notice that something you are doing is frustrating others, try and find an alternative way of doing it. Happy players make a happy table.

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