A Grumpy Year in Review 2020

What a wild time 2020 has been. Jay and I had no idea what would happen when we decided to create a D&D podcast back in June and even less of a clue what would happen when we released the first episode in July. Heck, we though that we would make ten episodes and then our idea/motivation would burnout. Well, here we are in 2021 with 24 episodes completed, 2 guest episodes, and 2 Live Play Episodes under our belt. All of which have been collectively listened to over 900 times on Spotify alone. Here is the best part, we have so much more planned for 2021. We hope you have enjoyed the podcast so far. Thank you so much for listening to it.

But wait there’s more! In addition to the podcast the Grumpy Dungeon Masters have been busy with other things as well. GDM Christopher started a Twitch stream. In his first month he reached affiliate status, which is quite the achievement. He will continue to stream into 2021. He has a live play Rime of the Frostmaiden every Saturday at 8pm EST and both of the GDMs play together on stream each Tuesday at 9pm EST. We have plans in the works to expand out the live play sessions, so keep a lookout for those.

GDM Christopher also published TWO D&D modules on DMs Guild. It was an intense experience to create, write, and publish the modules. The first module, Dread of the Ice Devil, has sold over 300 copies. Everyone’s Been Naughty, the second module, has sold over 50 copies. This makes both of the modules Best Sellers on DMs Guild. Christopher is hard at work on his next D&D product. Keep an eye out for it.

Lastly, GDM Jay has started a YouTube channel and has started crafting up videos for YouTube. We plan to use this as a place to upload our live play D&D games as well!

We want to thank everyone who has helped us grow, sent us cheers, followed us on social media, or purchased any of our D&D modules. 2021 is going to be a crazy year, so if you haven’t already, follow us and subscribe to all the things we are on. Listen to our podcast and catch us on Twitch.

Thank you all again for an incredible year. Hopefully this year doesn’t roll a nat 1.

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PS. Special thanks for all the friends and family that helped and supported us through this past year. Many of our projects success is due to your support. So thank you from the bottom of our grumpy hearts.

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