Grumpy Special – Dread of the Ice Devil Playtest P2

We are excited to release part 2 of this extra special episode of the Grumpy Dungeon Masters. Join us as we run a few good friends through the end of Dread of the Ice Devil. Don’t worry nothing terrible will happen…

Also sorry for getting this out a bit late, things happened. IE I forgot to post this.

Here is a list of who was who:

  • Christopher Waples
    • Grumpy DM
    • Writer of Dread of the Ice Devil
  • Jay Johnson
    • Farvyn Lingenhall
    • Lvl 5 | Gnome | Wizard / School of Evocation
  • Alex Winslow
    • Cover Artists
    • Ovealda Whitjaw
    • Lvl 5 | Dwarf | Paladin / Oath of Devotion
  • Galen Pischke
    • Mikhail Coldbrook
    • Lvl 5 | Human | Sorcerer / Shadow Magic
  • Nicolas Parker
    • Edmond Cromwell
    • Lvl 5 | Human | Rogue / Thief
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