RPG Review: Everyone’s been naughty by Christopher Waples

Great review! I was a blast being able to provide some behind-the-scenes insight on our latest publication!

Dungeon Grumbling

Welcome back to our series of reviews of some of the works from the Fall 2020 RPG Writer Workshop. Each review will be followed with a brief chat with its author(s) where we will be delving a bit deeper into some of the aspects that most intrigued me. Every two days there will be a new review and mini-interview out, so keep tuned to discover some of the amazing things that these bright new authors are coming up with.

Spoiler warning: It is simply not practical to review a product without mentioning anything about it. I have attempted to remain vague where possible, however I can not guarantee that you will not learn something about the adventure by reading this review

Declaration of interest: This article includes affiliate links.

Cover image of Everyone's Been Naughty by Christopher Waples, which proclaims to be a 5th level one shot Christmas adventure for D&D. It is a copper best seller. The image is of an angry looking elf Santa, and his elf minions, attacking an armoured adventurer with a sword who is hiding behind a present filled sleigh.
Cover image of Everyone’s Been Naughty by Christopher Waples

Everyone’s Been Naughty by Christopher Waples

An adventure for D&D5e, part of…

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