Jada Diecast D&D Miniatures

Wanted to show off a recent Grumpy Dungeon Master purchase. Now a days we can’t go visit with our friends in person, so there is not need to secretly spend two hundred dollars a month in D&D miniatures, but these were too hard to pass up. Diecast metal figures of some of the more famous D&D Monsters, including a Beholder (who looks exactly like Xanathar) and a Red Dragon (who looks just like the dragon on the Red Box). In fact, all the minis are somewhat recognizable, as if they got the license for the D&D 4e art book and made miniatures from the more popular photos of that era. They even have a Minsc & Boo!

Over all the figures are decently painted, as far as pre-painted miniatures go. The figure themselves are sculpted well. The Beholder and Dragon models are especially well done. Best of all they have a layer of shiny gloss on them that makes them really stand out from the rest of the miniatures on the board. So if you are looking to stand out a BBEG Beholder this is the set to purchase.

These box sets can be found at Walmart of all places currently. I never saw anything about their release, but it looks like it happened a while ago. These can already be found in mass in the clearance isles (probably due to the pandemic). So if you are out (safely) pick them up or do what I did and buy them online!

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