Episode 5 – Alignment

Alignment has always been a hotly contested point in Dungeons and Dragons. Some people think that it is pointless beyond a few spells or items. Some just have an idea of what each alignment means and plays that. Some just avoid it all and murder hobo all day long. Fact of the matter is that of the decades that D&D has been around the system has changed. Each system handles it different in some way. So we chat about that a lot. In the end stop trying to get your chaotic good rouge or whatever to stab everyone to death because they are chaotic. Don’t play chaotic neutral and be all “I’m gonna stab, rob, and kill everyone cause I’m chaotic”. Don’t play chaotic evil and start an orphanage. Well unless you do it for evil purposes. Then feel free to do that. That’s fine.

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  1. Any alignment may go out of their way to feed the poor. Some just have questions about what they’re feeding the poor to.

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