Episode 132 – Uncle Ed Said

The Dungeons and Dragons movie is finally out and the guys have finally seen it. They wait until the last half of the podcast to talk about it, thus avoiding spoilers for those who aren’t as lucky. They then spend the last half of the podcast gushing about how good it was. Seriously though, it was pretty good, so go see it.

GDM Jay finally gets to talk about the Oriental Adventures Rokugan game he’s going to be running and the amount of research and reading he’s having to do. Seems like a second job to him. Wanting detailed back stories from everybody is something new even to him and it’s really got him and his players jazzed.

They also talk a good bit about the Forgotten Realms and Ed Greenwood’s new Youtube channel. Ed’s been around the business for a very long time and is the creator of the Forgotten Realms, so nobody knows more about the lore than him. Certainly worth your time to check it out.

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